About Us

Our History

Utrex is 100% privately owned and operated in New Zealand and has more than 50 years history in the New Zealand Industrial chemical cleaning market. Beginning with Chemical Cleaning Limited, subsequently acquired by ICI and then Orica, Utrex was formed in 2007 to continue operations to support existing clients both in New Zealand and abroad. The management team has assisted in pre-commissioning cleaning on major oil and gas assets in Australia and New Zealand.

Over the last 15 years Utrex has expanded its service offering to include chemical supply, HSNO compliance/producer statements, valves, mechanical, full turn key shutdown services and design and construction of bulk chemical storage facilities.

Today just some of the industries serviced include dairy, pulp & paper, power & geothermal and oil & gas. Ready to respond to your needs, Utrex is able to cater to a variety of client and customer requirements to provide the best solution for you at the highest standard.

Services include chemical cleaning and maintenance on boilers, heat exchangers, pipelines, tanks and evaporators. Tank cleaning of class 8, class 3 and class 5. Equipment rental (HSNO portable Tanks, Filter Units, 200HP Boiler).  Mechanical repairs, fitting, welding, PVC welding, hydrotesting and pneumatic testing. Design and Construction of Bulk Chemical Storage Facilities, API tank design and tank repair work, HSNO tank installations, compliance and producer statements. Turn key consulting and project management services.

Why Utrex?

Minimise Downtime

Efficient Turnaround

Highest Safety Standards

Experienced Staff

Lasting Results

Problem Solving & Suggestions

Ultimate flexibility for clients

Our Mission

Utrex Limited and its antecedents have been operating since 1964 and is New Zealand’s leading supplier of Industrial Chemical Cleaning Services. To build on this legacy we conduct our business activities in line with the following Operating Principles:

Value Our People

Care for the Environment & Community

Maintain High Standards of Conduct

Create Value

Our Vision 

To build an organisation that executes our mission and grows sustainably, building knowledge and expertise in and from New Zealand to lead the industrial market globally.


Utrex staff are globally recognized and have planned, managed and turn-key delivered some of the world’s largest chemical cleaning programs. Our business revolves around customer care, our private ownership enables us to provide ultimate flexibility for clients. World class equipment designed and built in New Zealand specific for project needs and mobilized to global locations.

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