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Utrex Limited is a key supplier of niche Industrial Services, specialising in Industrial Chemical Cleaning, Engineering solutions and HSNO Compliance. With expertise across a variety of industries and more than 50 years’ experience Utrex is fully equipped to answer your needs and provide a solution with exceptional results.

200bbl Tanks

4 Pod 150 psi Filter Units

200 HP Boilers

400bbl Open Top Flowback Tanks

ISO Tanks

2 pod 300psi Filter Units

HSNO Compliant Portable Tanks

200 HP Boiler

A 200 HP boiler is a high-performance boiler capable of producing 200 horsepower, which corresponds to approximately 6,900 pounds of steam per hour. It is a versatile and efficient steam generation solution used in various industries for heating, power generation, and process applications.

ISO Tank

Also known as an intermodal tank, is a specialized type of equipment designed for the transport and storage of liquids, gases, and bulk materials. Constructed according to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards, ensuring compatibility and easy handling across different modes of transportation.

400bbl Open Top Flowback Tanks

Flowback tanks are a valuable asset for flowback and well testing operations in the oil and gas industry. These tanks are specifically designed to handle the collection and storage of fluids that return to the surface during well testing and production processes.

2 pod 300psi Filter Units – Stainless Steel

The 2 pod 300psi filter units are engineered to deliver efficient filtration with minimal pressure drop. They are designed to provide effective particle removal while maintaining optimal flow rates. Available in stainless steel.

200bbl Tanks – Onshore and Offshore Rated

200bbl tanks, equivalent to approximately 8,400 gallons or 31,800 litres, provide reliable storage solutions for a wide range of applications. These tanks are designed and engineered to meet the specific requirements and challenges of different environments, ensuring safe and efficient storage of liquids such as oil, water, chemicals, and other fluids.

4 Pod 150psi Filter Units – Carbon and Stainless Steel

4 pod filter unit consists of four separate filter pods, each capable of handling a specific flow rate and filtration requirement. The multiple pods provide enhanced filtration capacity, allowing for higher flow rates and improved efficiency in removing particles, sediment, or contaminants. Available in Carbon or Stainless Steel.

HSNO Compliant Portable Tanks

HSNO (Hazardous Substances and New Organisms) compliant portable tanks are specialized containers designed for the safe storage and transport of hazardous substances. When hiring HSNO compliant portable tanks, you can expect detailed safety documentation, compliance certificates, maintenance records, and inspection reports.