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Industrial Chemical Cleaning

Industrial chemical cleaning uses advanced techniques, tools, and chemicals to address unique challenges posed by industrial settings. Below are the key aspects involved in Utrex’s industrial chemical cleaning services:


Surface Cleaning

Decontamination & Gas Freeing

Chemical Cleaning

External Fin Fan Cleaning

Passivation of Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel


The decontamination process begins with a thorough assessment of the facility and an understanding of the specific contaminants present. Our experts develop a customized decontamination plan that considers the type and level of contamination, the equipment involved, and the desired outcome. We prioritise safety, ensuring that our decontamination processes adhere to industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Tank: vessel and pipeline decontamination for routine inspection.

Passivation of tanks and pipelines to arrest corrosion.

Wet & dry layup of plant and equipment

Decontamination & Gas Freeing of Hydrocarbon Assets

Decontamination and gas freeing of hydrocarbon assets is a critical process that eliminates or reduces the presence of harmful substances, contaminants, and gases within storage tanks, pipelines, and other hydrocarbon-related equipment. 

Passivation of Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel

Pickle and passivation are crucial steps in maintaining the quality and longevity of stainless steel and carbon steel components. These processes involve the removal of surface impurities, oxides, and contaminants, followed by the formation of a protective oxide layer to enhance corrosion resistance.

Industrial Chemical Cleaning

Our highly trained and experienced team understands the complex challenges faced by industrial facilities, such as oil and gas refineries, power plants, manufacturing plants, and pipelines. We employ a strategic and systematic approach to chemical cleaning, tailoring both chemistry and methodologies to each client’s specific needs. We ensure the highest safety practices, and compliance within industry standards and environmental regulations.

Boilers: return heat transfer to design specification.

Pipelines: improve flow rates e.g. process liquor pipelines

Heat exchangers: remove scale to increase heat transfer.

Cooling circuits: scale removal for increased efficiency.

Cleaning of Chemical & Hydrocarbon Tanks

Surface Cleaning

With our surface cleaning services, we prioritise the use of effective cleaning methods and chemistry. Our team carefully assesses the surface condition, the type and level of contaminants present, and any specific requirements of our clients.

External Fin Fan Cleaning

External fin fan cleaning is a vital maintenance process that involves the removal of dirt, debris, scale, and other contaminants from the external surfaces of finned tubes in heat exchangers and air-cooled condensers. We understand the criticality of keeping these surfaces clean to optimize heat transfer and maintain operational efficiency.